RMB UTCT 2022 Race Photos

On the 26th of November 2022 I headed on down to the Alphen Trail in Constantia which was one of the aid stations for the 100 miler and the 100km RMB UTCT races. For the 100 miler runners this was going to be 144km into the race and for the 100km runners this would be 76km in. I was amazed at how relaxed some of the leaders looked as them came in to the aid station. It was hot and windy as the lead runners arrived at the Alphen trail aid station.

There was a such a vibe amongst the spectators and supporters too. Jack Black Brewing Company was there too handing out free beer!

The winners in the men’s category 100 miler


2nd ALEKSEI TOLSTENKO – 21:26:07

3rd ELOV OLSSON – 22:30:11

The winners in the men’s category 100km

1st DMITRY MITYAEV – 10:45:35

2nd HANNES NAMBERGER – 10:45:35

3rd DREW HOLMEN – 10:51:20

The winners in the ladies category 100miler

1st HILLARY ALLEN – 24:55:22 – Fourth overall !!

2nd KERRY-ANN MARSHALL – 25:39:21

3rd NAOMI BRAND – 26:28:29

The winners in the ladies category 100km

1st CAMILLE BRUYAS – 12:15:21

2nd MIMMI KOTKA – 12:35:28

3rd VARVARA SHIKANOVA – 12:38:33

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